Sugarloaf Riding for the Disabled aims to improve the lives of people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and other disabilities by providing opportunities that can benefit them through horse riding.

The benefit to disabled riders:

  • Physically: improving muscle tone, posture, balance and motor skills.
  • Therapeutic: relaxing and interaction with the horse.
  • Personally: by learning new skills, and achieving something to tell family and friends about.
  • Social Skills: by getting out, making friends, and being part of a team.
  • Independence: being in control of the horse and forming a bond.
  • Enjoy the outdoors, by riding out in the countryside.
  • Engaging with the horses and ponies.

Contact Details

Name: Mrs. J Osbourne

Telephone: 01375 371476

Address: Foxhounds Riding School, Baker Street, Orsett, Essex RM16 3LJ


Email: [email protected]