Every day, people get together to make their community a better place to live – whether it’s running a club that benefits the neighbourhood, volunteering to tidy up a park or doing someone’s shopping. All these actions build pride in Thurrock’s communities, making it a better, safer place to live.

What is Stronger Together?

Stronger Together is a partnership that promotes local, community activities that strengthen the connections between people. Stronger Together also encourages local people to have a greater say in what happens in their neighbourhood and to take control over where they live and the decisions that affect them.

Our website

The Stronger Together website has been set up in order to share information about all the positive things that are happening and to celebrate all the acts of kindness and mutual support that happen across Thurrock.

If you are a Thurrock resident and you have a good idea for your community that you want to share, if you have a community event you want to promote, or want to pass on information about a community group, you are welcome to put your information on the website.

Click here to view the Stronger Together Thurrock website.