The Social Prescription Programme is available to support people with health and well-being needs including chronic conditions.

During this year-long pilot, two part-time Social Prescribing Navigators and one part-time administrator are tasked with supporting 14 targeted GP surgeries throughout Thurrock, with a patient population of over 55,000. The service is open to all patients aged 18+ who present to their GP with issues that have a non-clinical underlying cause. Patients may have a social need or chronic condition and regularly attend the GP surgery or are at risk of unplanned admission.

Navigators will meet patients referred by their GP at their practice and will signpost them to appropriate services from a range of over 500 available in Thurrock. Every patient will be treated holistically and the point of referral will be determined by individual need and could include information advice and guidance to support health, finance and social isolation. Navigators will allocate up to one hour with their patient and will arrange follow-up meetings to track progress and provide support. GPs will be updated on their patient’s development and referral pathway.

Navigators will work closely with the Stronger Together team, Local Area Coordinators and the voluntary sector, including ngage and the Timebanking project. Patients will be given the opportunity to volunteer within their community or the project going forward.

If you would like to discuss the Social Prescribing programme further please contact Sarah Ainslie, Social Prescribing administrator by email [email protected] or call 01375 389890.

Contact Social Prescribing navigators Barbara Rice and Lorraine Fugl by email [email protected] or [email protected]

Please consider the social prescribing team will be unable to take self-referrals.