Neville Baldwin is a Chartered Surveyor with a career spanning some 50 years in the private and public sector. Although retired he was formally an Executive Director for Community Services with Thurrock Council and in recent years Neville was providing consultancy services to the private and public sectors on a variety of issues including developing Voluntary and Community sector strategies, asset management and business planning

Neville is a veteran of the Voluntary Sector and was actively involved in developing Thurrock’s Council for Voluntary Services. Neville currently chairs the board of CVS and is proud of the progress made including the Community asset transfer of The Beehive, the development of CVS’s infrastructure role in support of the voluntary and community sectors and the move to financial stability

 In his time he has directed and appeared in a number of sell out variety shows held in support of Thurrock’s senior communities and retains his interest in theatre. He is a qualified Badminton Coach although his preference for golf appears to be an increasing pleasure for him. A former piper with Sutherland pipes and Drums he still occasionally performs at weddings and the like.