Mike Rawlings is currently the Chair of the Board of Governors at Thurrock Adult Community College (TACC) and has been for 10 years and has served as a Board member for nearly 20 years.

Over that time, he has been involved in three inspections, the last describing the college as continuing as good. Instrumental in expanding the board to meet the needs of challenging times, he has helped build a talented board that meets the demands of successful governance and represents the diversity of talents in the catchment area. He is also involved with introducing self-assessment review panels for curriculum managers and ‘learner walks’ for the governors. He has taken part in the Peer Review programme with similar colleges.

Mike is a management consultant currently working with three nationally recognised women’s organisations to provide services across the county of Essex after successfully assisting in winning contracts to provide victims with sexual violence issues counselling and support.  He is supporting their new partnership and leading on governance, management, financial control and diversity for the new entity. Providing new services to men and children is one of the challenges both operational and culturally that he is helping to design and implement.

35 years as a CEO, Director of Services and Advice Service Manager have given Mike a unique insight into the governance, operations and performance criteria required for the successful survival and quality service provision for today’s not-for-profit businesses

Dealing with quality assurance, auditing, restructuring, project management, recruitment, personnel management and fundraising can be daunting and exhausting, particularly for small to medium sized operations with perhaps a small senior leadership team, or a small governing body or trustee board, Mike is experienced in guiding these types of organisations to success.