Thurrock CVS are carrying out our annual Voluntary Sector Survey, this is open to all voluntary organisations, community groups, faith groups and not for profit organisations/businesses that operate or supply a service in Thurrock.

Last year’s survey highlighted a number of interesting details for instance;

Nearly 5,000 volunteers contributed an estimated 45,000 hours of their time each month. To employ staff at the median wage for this area to undertake the work of these volunteers would cost £607k per month, if only 25% of the volunteers work reduced the impact on public sector bodies this represents a saving of £7.2 million per annum on the public sector wage bill.

The 72 organisations that responded supplied 225 services, with 53 per cent citing Health & Wellbeing and 44 per cent citing Community Development as their main focus.

The results from this year’s survey will help Thurrock CVS have a better understanding of the issues facing the sector and influence the support we can offer going forward. The results will be published in late October early November.

We would be grateful if you would take just a few minutes to complete the survey which can be found here.