The Local Government Association (LGA) has launched a public consultation and accompanying Green Paper on the future of adult social care. The consultation is seeking views on future funding options for adult care recipients and unpaid carers.

The green paper highlights the important role that voluntary organisations play in adult social care. 

Who is this green paper aimed at?

Local and national politicians: as representatives of us all it is in your gift to help bring about the change that is sought – promoting it, putting it on the map and helping to deliver it.

Professionals involved in the commissioning and delivery of care and health: your knowledge of the operational aspects of care and health can help identify all the barriers to progress that need to be overcome and how we might do so.

Public: the chances are that you, or someone you know, will at some point have contact with social care, be that needing services, working in the sector, or being an unpaid carer for someone you love.

All of us: we cannot move forward without knowing our level of ambition and what we are willing to pay to achieve it.

You can read and download the green paper here.

The consultation is open until Wednesday 26th September 2018. You can access it here.