Giving for Thurrock-GiFT (Thurrock CVS’ fundraising project) is taking part in Stoptober- which urges smokers to give up for just 28 days as well as Go Sober for October –which sees people giving up alcohol for the month.

GiFT will be supporting Thurrock residents who have decided to give up smoking or alcohol (or both!) for the whole month to raise awareness for diseases related to these less-than-healthy habits.

As part of this year’s Go Sober & Stoptober events, GiFT will be asking local residents to donate the money they have saved on cigarettes and alcohol for the month to Giving for Thurrock to support local people living with Dementia and those who are elderly & isolated.

The idea behind Stoptober is evidence, which shows that after 28 days without a cigarette, smokers are five times more likely to give up smoking for good.

FACT- If you stop smoking, even at 60, you are probably lowering your later dementia risk. However, it is better to stop smoking sooner.

Go Sober for October gives your liver the opportunity to regenerate and also helps with your will power, increases your feeling of well-being and general good health.

FACT- You do not need to get drunk often to be at increased risk of developing dementia.

How can I get involved?

To donate to Giving for Thurrock please visit

Quitting can be challenging for many! If you would like to take part in either Stoptober please visit or for more information and advice about Go Sober October check out

Show your support for Stoptober on social media and tag @GiFThurrock with the hashtag #Stoptober or #GoSober.

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